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Colorado Aquamarine Gemstones For Sale:

Colorado Aquamarine
New lot of nice small cleanish stones. These are all 3/4 ct or less, but attractive. 6 emerald cuts, 3 or 4 small rounds, 7 ovals, and a teardrop and trilliant available. Price depends mostly on depth of color, around $50-$100/ct.
Ovals & others
Emerald cuts & rectangles.
  Aquamarine, 2.99 ct elongated scissor cut, 4.6x17.7mm, 4.8 mm deep. Pale blue, SI to VSI. This is the last gem we collected off the "Slide" area of Carbonate Ridge (Mt. Antero), years ago. The majority of the gems from that spot were on the pale side, but could be fairly good sized. This one is cut fairly deep, so you will need a deep mounting for it. Would make a nice pendant. #AQBS-0299. $150.00
SOLD.  Aquamarine, 3.65 ct pulsar cut. Hot off the dop! A new batch of aquamarines from Mt. Antero! This one measures 8x11 mm, good medium blue, fairly clean. An excellent gem! One of the best of the batch. #AQBP-0365. $600.00
SOLD. Aquamarine, 7.06 ct pulsar cut. Very rare over 5 carats in good color and relatively clean, this gem is medium-dark blue. One of the best Antero aquamarines we've ever had in 40 years of business and collecting! It measures 9.7 x 12.4 mm, and American cut into a fancy pulsar cut. The pulsar cut maintains the emerald cut outline while giving much more flash. Fits in most standard emerald cut heads. If you want a one-of-a-kind piece from Mt. Antero, this one is it! #AQBP-0706. $1,765.00
SOLD. Aquamarine, a 5.63 ct teardrop. If you ever wanted a larger, good-color aquamarine from Colorado, but couldn't afford it, here's one that might work for you. This gem has a good medium color and measures 9.2 x 15.5 mm. It does have a lot of the typical Antero inclusion in it, but still faces up pretty nice. #AQBT-0563. Because of the inclusion is discounted to $50/ct, or $281.50
SOLD. Aquamarine, 2.32 ct emerald cut, Mt. Antero, Colorado. 6.3 x 10.1 mm, a few minor inclusions, which is typical for gem material from here. Nice medium gem blue color. #AQBE-0232. $232.00.
SOLD. Aquamarine, 1.30 ct. from world-famous Mt. Antero, Colorado. 7.5 mm round stone, standard brilliant. Good light blue color, some slight inclusion like usual for these. #AQBR-0130. $130.00
SOLD. Aquamarine, 1.02 ct. A tad darker tone than the larger one above, this one is right at 7 mm. And again, some slight inclusion. #AQBR-0102. $100.00
SOLD. Aquamarine, 4.97 ct pale icy blue-white, relatively clean. This scissors cut measures 7.1 x 15.0 mm. One could probably refer correctly to this one as goshenite. Has good brilliance. #AQBS-0497. $50/ct, or $248.50.
SOLD. Aquamarine, 3.30 ct pulsar, pale blue, has a few light inclusions, including a couple of very thin tube type. Has good brilliance. #AQBP-0330. $50/ct or 165.00
SOLD.  Aquamarine, 2.08 ct rectangle cut, good medium blue, a few minor inclusions. Nice Mt. Antero gem that would go nicely in a standard tourmaline-type mount. Measures 5.5 x 10.7 mm. #AQBR-0208. $208.00
  We will add more as they become available. Mt. Antero aquamarine rough is rare and difficult for us to obtain on any consistent basis. They have been famous locally & to mineral collectors across the country for many years, but most recently popularized by the Prospectors TV show. Mt. Antero is the 10th highest peak in Colorado (14, 269 ft.) & the  highest known gem producing area in the USA. Virtually all gems and crystals occur above 12,000 ft.
I have been able to acquire some rough (not cheap) at the Denver show, watch for gems being added as I have time to cut them, probably early 2016. Most will be lighter color, but several should be good medium blue.

To order, simply drop us an email to check on the availability of the piece(s). We accept Master Card, VISA, American Express, and Discover. Or pay by Pay Pal, check, or money order. To pay by credit card, just call us with the name, number, expiration date, and billing address. Your card is not charged until your order is shipped. For information on our guarantee, shipping costs, method of shipment see our Terms & Conditions Page.

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