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Mt. Antero finds, Bill Hutchinson/Henri Pare

All of these were found in 1996 or after. Drool all you want, we'd all like to find something this good!
Above: Here's a shot of the whole kit and kaboodle!

Some of the pure gem crystals and one large dark one. One of the darkest ones I've ever seen.

aquaantero1_400.jpg Dark, dark, dark!!!! Almost unreal! Note the phenacite crystal attached to one.

A close up of some of the prizes!

Some of the nicest of the aquamarines and smokies. Note the attached gem aquas in the smokies.

Another angle on the same goodies.

A whole tray of some of the finds.

Wish the ones we found all looked this good! Note the pedion (pointed) termination.

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