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Laker Agates For Sale: Lake Superior, Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois
Lake Superior Agates For Sale
From the upper Midwest states: Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Missouri, Nebraska, and Kansas. Brought down from Lake Superior by several glaciation stages, and collected in stream beds, gravel pits, and plowed fields. Known for beautiful banding and colors. A few exhibit great "eyes". Some of these will be polished, some unpolished. We try to select out the best ones we can get for your collection. Note: we may on occasion give the agates a coat of removable mineral oil in order to bring the color and pattern out in photographing.

We also have a number of pounds of small/medium sized Fairburns and Lakers for sale up to 2 inches or more, some polished, some not. These are cheaper agates because of size, pattern, and/or color. Many are tumbled, some are natural. We do hope to eventually get some of them posted here, but there are too many to show all of them. If you have an interest in buying a quantity of these, please contact us.

Minimum order of agates is $20.00.

Updated: 2/23/10
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#ALAK10. Quartz and some interesting bold rust red, gray, and white banding make up this unpolished Laker nodule. 4 1/2 oz. $10.00
#ALAK4. Here's a cool bluish/grayish/purplish agate with white banding and some brown. Unpolished with full pattern showing. This one might be a good candidate for face-polishing actually. Weighs in at 2-1/2 oz. $25.00.

To order, simply drop us an email or use our order form to check on the availability of the piece(s).  For information on our acceptable payment methods, guarantee, shipping costs, and shipment preference see our Terms & Conditions page.