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Mt. Antero Colorado Aquamarine: Map of Mt. Antero Colorado
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Mt. Antero Photo Notes

The double crystal of aquamarine was collected in 1978 on our claims on the west side of Mt. Antero, near a large pocket found by Chuck Barnes that year.

The vehicle is at approx. 13,000 feet, accessible by a 4 wheel drive trail just south of the main peak. This trail features loose rock and narrow hairpin turns. Extensive bull-dozing was done here on this saddle knob years ago. You can see the foot trail leading to the top of the peak. The picture of the south knob is the far south end of this ridge, several hundred yards away. Many gems and crystals have been collected off this ridge over the years.

Looking west and downward to the famous "Snowpatch" collecting area. Cyclone Mt. is in the middle of the picture, Boulder Mt. and other peaks in the distance.

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