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Photos of Faceted Gemstones

All cutting by Robert Spomer (unless otherwise noted)

sweet home rhodos
Some fine Rhodochrosite from the Sweethome Mine, Alma, Colorado.

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findicolite A rocker cut in indicolite tourmaline (an original cut)
fzambiantourm A variety of monochrome and polychrome Zambian tourmaline.
skyfluetourm Some of the new "aquamarine", aqua-colored tourmaline.
scheelite A couple of large scheelites from China cut recently for clients.
amethyst Some nice faceted amethyst from Zambia. These stones average about 5 carats each.
beryl Faceted beryls. Morganite (pink or peach) on top row, aquamarine (blue) beneath. Largest is over 3 cts.
tourmhearts A couple of nice tourmaline hearts. Green from Maine, red from Russia (over 5 cts.)
scapolite A couple of 8 carat scapolites, finest golden color. E. Africa.
faceting pic Faceted "tangarine" garnet from Africa, a type of grossular (hessonite). Most are slightly over a carat.
willemite A faceted willemite from Franklin, NJ. This rare stone was considered one of the world's largest at the time of cutting, around 1975.
fluorite A faceted fluorite from Tanzania weighing over 40 carats. The stone has a rare champagne color like topaz.
fluorite Rarely seen! Some uncut crystals of pigeon blood ruby from Burma! Sold at a recent gem show.
starofalma The original "Star of Alma" rhodochrosite cut by me and on display at the Denver Museum of Science and Nature around 1992. It weighed 42.44cts, and was the largest known Colorado rhodo gem in the world at the that time. his was later recut into a bit cleaner stone of under 30 carats. Since that time, larger gems have been cut from Sweethome Mine material.
rhodo17 A large 17 carat South African rhodochrosite cut for Dennis Streetman and was owned by the late Bunny Streetman.
benitoite A recently completed 3.06 carat gem benitoite cut for Collector's Edge. Benitoite is the official gem of the state of California, the only place in the world it is found. Anything over one carat is considered quite large. Over three carat is very rare.
cut gemstoneA beautiful Hallelujah Jct., NV amethyst cut recently for the company that mines there. This one weighs over 30 carats and shows great pink tone.
amethyst A huge amtheyst from Hallelujah Jct., NV. This weighs close to 355.7 carats, and is the new leader in large amethysts from the U.S.A.
amethyst America's largest faceted amethyst until Jan, 2001. From Hallelujah Jct, NV. , ~339 carats. Owner Jon Johnson.
cutstone If you have an interest in purchasing gemstones that I have personally faceted, take a look at my many gemstones for sale: Cut Gemstones for Sale.

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All photos, scans, gamma corrections, and color adjustments by Robert Spomer, unless otherwise noted.