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Wire Wrap Jewelry
Custom Made. One-of-a-Kind
Unique stones by Buena Vista Gem Works.
Featuring wire-wrapping by several Colorado Artists
Updated: 08/18
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Turquoise, Leadville, Colorado. Rare material from an old non-working mine. 26x30 mm pear shape. (Stock #Pws-LT-26x30) $65.00
New! Very rare Fairburn agate, the South Dakota state gemstone. These agates are hard-to-find to begin with, and many aren't too suitable for jewelry because either the stone is too valuable to cut up, or it has too many cracks. This one has a reddish-brown and white color with maybe a slight purplish tinge to part. Nice size too, the gem is 44x24 mm,  a good "bragging rock" you can actually wear. Fancy sterling setting by Ann. (Stock #Pws-fa-44x24) $225.00
New! Rare gem chrysocolla, probably from Arizona. This material is nice and hard, as it is silicated naturally, unlike the pure mineral chrysocolla, which is actually quite soft. So this takes a good polish and wears well. It even shows some green malachite inclusions. Malachite and chrysocolla are both ores of copper, and the bright colors are a result of the copper.
Extra fancy sterling work by Ann, for those who want something really extra from an artistic standpoint. Ann is exceptionally artistic and loves working with meticulous detail. (Stock #Pws-chrys-20x13) $155.00
New! World-famous Creede, Colorado amethyst agate pendant, by Ann. Super workmanship, extra-fancy! This agate comes from the vein material in the old silver mines at Creede. Although it can have small pieces of native silver in it, it was not considered economical to process, and numerous large pieces were thrown out onto the waste dumps. Many pieces were pale in color, so everyone looks for the more rare darker ones like this one. (Stock #Pws-ca-33x20) $75.00
New! Another great piece by super wire-wrapper Ann. Outstanding detail work! This is very nice turquoise from Leadville, Colorado in a slight greenish color, maybe a tad more green than the picture shows.
The mine has not operated since the mid-1960's. Although good and hard, this piece was a little bit thin, so has been strengthened on the backside by liquid steel, which allows it to be worn with confidence.
(Stock #Pws-lt-30x18) $75.00
New! More rare Leadville, Colorado turquoise in an exquisite fancy setting by Ann. Nice robin egg blue, mottled with a whitish quartz matrix, and strengthened on the backside with liquid steel. More of the natural turquoises have been backed with something than haven't,  I'd guess. The mine has not operated since the 1960's, when it was a premier turquoise producing area. (Stock #Pws-lt-39x18) $75.00
Ocean Jasper, Madagascar, pink with fortifications. Nice large oval cab set in Sterling by Elle. (Stock #Pws-OJoval-22x29) $50.00
Black Plumes in clear to white agate base, oval shape, in sterling by Elle. Super plumes. (Stock #Pws-BPA-27x37). $75.00
SOLD. Ocean Jasper from Madagascar, bullet-shape pendant in fine sterling by Elle. Rare sky-bluish colored background. (Stock #Pws-OJbullet-14x23). $50.00
SOLD. Super-nice select amazonite from our claims at Crystal Peak. Great color! Artfully wire-wrapped in sterling silver wire by Elle. The size of the stone in mm is in the stock number. (25.4 mm equals one inch). We have a couple of oval amazonite in sterling stud earrings which would work with this too, check them out in the "non-wire-wrap" gemstone jewelry section.
(Stock # Pwss-amazonite-35x27). $85.00
SOLD. Here's a great Creede, CO amethyst-agate oval cab, wire-wrapped by Elle in pure sterling silver wire.
(Stock # Pwss-creede-36x25). $52.00
SOLD. A rarity for you collectors! Hard-to-find Keswick, IA agate in a great sterling silver wire-wrap by Elle. These fortification agates are found only occasionally in a limestone quarry in central Iowa.
(Stock # Pwss-keswick-32x23). $67.00
SOLD. Looking for jewelry with real Colorado mined and cut gemstones? This turquoise is from Leadville, CO and a hit for those who like their gems with a bit more green in them. Set in genuine sterling wire-wrap by Elle. Because it was a thin piece of rough gem, it is backed with a liquid steel product for added strength.
(Stock # Pwss-leadville-10x14). $42.00
Another nice greenish turquoise from an old Leadville, CO mine. This one is kind of a diamond-cushion shape, and has a great polish. Wirewrapped in sterling by Elle. Backed with liquid steel for strength.
(Stock # Pwss-leadville-22x20). $40.00
SOLD. If you prefer your turquoise to be more on the blue side, this is a nice bluish toned piece from Leadville, CO., set in an attractive wire-wrap by Elle. Natural back. Note that there are several natural open spaces on the face of the cabochon, but I do not feel it detracts from the overall appearance.
(Stock # Pwss-leadville-23x20). $73.00
SOLD. Rare! One of the most famous and valuable of all turquoises from the old Hall Mine at Villa Grove, CO. A super piece expertly set in sterling by Elle.
(Stock # Pwss-villa grove-24x15). $100.00
  Attractive ocean jasper pear-shaped pendant wrapped in sterling silver. 31 x 22 mm. Setting by Elle. (Stock #PwSS-OJ-30x22). $55.00
  SOLD. Great banded Mexican agate in blue, white, and purple, nicely wire-wrapped in sterling silver for an elegant touch. The gemstone is a round stone, 28 mm in diameter. Setting by Elle. (Stock # PwSS-MA-28) $55.00
  SOLD. op grade turquoise from the mines at Leadville, Colorado. This old piece shows off that nice robin-egg blue, and handsomely wrapped in genuine sterling silver to make up a special piece. The gem weighs in at 38 carats., measures 38 x 18 mm., and is solid gem turquoise, showing an occasional small grain of quartz which helps identify it as being from Leadville. (Unlike most turquoise, Leadville turquoise formed in a decomposing granite, rather than volcanic rock). Setting by Elle. (Stock #PwSS-LT-38x18). $150.00
  Rare, rare, rare! Genuine "watermelon" tourmaline (variety elbaite) from one of Colorado's most famous lithia mines, the Brown Derby, Gunnison, Colorado. This slice, natural on one side and polished on the front, is almost an inch and a quarter across! Light pink with medium green rind, in the shape of the original hexagonal crystal. Tourmalines from there were never gem quality in terms of clarity, but color variety was outstanding. These pieces (especially complete crystal sections of watermelon) are very hard to come by, and this is the first I've seen or heard of one made into jewelry. The gem is 30x30. Setting by Elle. (Stock #PwSS-Tour-30x30). $99.00
Rare, genuine apple green jade (nephrite) from Wyoming. Gem cut from the finest quality old material, seldom available. Really nice symmetrical freeform cab, great polish, 20x25 mm, set affordably in sterling. Expertly wire-wrapped by Elle.  (Pwss-applejade-20x25). $125.
Rare, Turkish purple jade (jadeite). Very fine 28x22 mm oval gem cab. The best in purple jade, very fine. The story is this jade was discovered by a European or American tourist in Turkey who asked to use a local outhouse, this material was part of the walls of the structure. Great sterling wire-wrap by Elle. (Stock # Pwss-purple jade-22x28). $100.00.
Blue Agate Wire Wrap Jewelry.
We have a variety of different pieces created with blue agate. Click on the link to go to that page.

To order, simply drop us an email to check on the availability of the piece(s). We accept Master Card, VISA, American Express, and Discover. Or pay by Pay Pal, check, or money order. To pay by credit card, just call us with the name, number, expiration date, and billing address. Your card is not charged until your order is shipped. For information on our guarantee, shipping costs, and method of shipment see our Terms & Conditions page.

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