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Links of Interest to the Gem Enthusiast & Rockhound
Gem and Mineral Sites
Collector's Edge Minerals. Bryan and Kathryn Lees, Collectors Edge. Bryan mines beautiful rhodochrosite specimens at the world-famous Sweethome Mine in Alma, CO. He is an expert at mineral removal, cleaning, and preparation, and has many other world-wide mineral specimens for sale as well. They also do major mineral shows such as Tucson and Denver.

Glacier Peak Minerals/Pinnacle 5 Minerals. Joe Dorris owns claims at Crystal Peak and offers a fine variety of smoky quartz, amazonite, and many other minerals of the area, as well as world-wide locales. Joe also offers a selection of faceting rough, cut stones, and original art work. He recently added some nice pictures of new crystal pockets found on his Crystal Peak workings, with a lot of informative text of interest to the collector.

High Desert Gems and Minerals.. A gemstone mining company that offers sales of rough and cut gems, and collecting tours of their mining sites. Includes a free collecting site at an Oregon sunstone mine, and fee digging at the world-famous Himalaya Mine for tourmalines and other goodies. Other gems they mine include variscite, turquoise, opal, blue chalcedony, lavender chalcedony, purple chalcedony, smoky quartz and amethyst scepters, fire agate, California vesuvianite, and gold. Check it out!

Iteco Inc., Columbus, Ohio. Paul Cory's site. Paul handles virtually all of the gemstone output from the world famous Sweethome Mine at Alma, CO., now shut down. He also handles a great deal of the production from the equally famous benitoite mine in California. If you are interested in seeing the gemstone production from the Sweethome Mine and other world-wide locales, visit with Paul at Tucson, Denver, or one of the other major shows.

Mapmuse. This internet mapping program added a database list of rock shops and gem and mineral clubs. Handy for planning trips or when you're traveling. The list is updateable too, if you know of a place that should be added.

Mineralogical Record. The site for the best minerals publication around.

Rough and Ready Gems. Steve Green of Colorado specialize in gem briolettes as well as other gems and minerals. Check out his web page here.

Other interesting links...
Scenic Buena Vista. If you're planning to visit out area, check this site out, it contains all sorts of information and links.