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Coding for Gemstones for Sale

Our gemstones are of the finest commercial cutting,
whether cut domestically or overseas.
You’ll see the difference!

Please do not hestitate to write or call us about any of our gemstones.
We'd be happy to give you a further description.

STOCK#Stock #
COLORColor of Stone
WEIGHTWeight is given by carat weight (ct.).
CUTShape/Cut of Stone
CLARITYClarity codes are as follows:
  • EC (eye clean). Faces up nicely, no easily visible flaws.
  • VSI (very slightly included). Slight flaw(s) to the naked eye but usually not easily seen.
  • SI (slightly included). Has a one or more flaws or inclusions that are visible with the naked eye, but would still be a gem that looks quite nice in a mounting.
  • INCL (included). Easily visible inclusions that distract from the appearance of the stone. These are usually only offered in collector’s rare stones. In a few types of gems these inclusions are normally acceptable, especially in emeralds and hot pink tourmalines.
MEASUREMENTSDimensions are in millimeters (mm), width x length x (height—optional)
LOCALITYLocality of where the rough was originally mined.
CUTTERUnless stated otherwise assume this stone is American cut by us (Robert E Spomer).
RETAIL PRICEPrices are the same for wholesale and retail. A discount may be given to other retailers for a quantity purchase.
DESCRIPTIONFurther description of stone

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