Buena Vista Gem Works - Natural Colored Faceted Gemstones for Sale.

Coding for Gemstones for Sale

Our gemstones are of the finest commercial cutting,
whether cut domestically or overseas.
You'll see the difference!
Most of my gemstones and cabochons for sale will follow the below coding and format.
STONE: Type of Stone (e.g. Quartzes, tourmalines, beryls, garnets, etc.)
COLOR: Color of Stone. I do my best here, but remember that most gems will look different in various types of lighting, and some will color-change or color-shift. A few will show more than one color in the same stone (e.g. bi-color tourmalines). Some colors are more rare than others.
WEIGHT: Weight is given by carat (ct.). One carat is a fifth of a gram.
CUT: Shape of the Stone and style of faceting. Most common shapes are round, oval, pear, teardrop, marquise, emerald, rectangle, cushion, triangle, or triad (triangle cushion), and freeform. Style could be brilliant, step, Portuguese style, or other.
  • EC (eye clean). Faces up nicely, no easily visible flaws.
  • VSI (very slightly included). Slight flaw(s) to the naked eye but usually not easily seen.
  • SI (slightly included). Has a one or more flaws or inclusions that are visible with the naked eye, but would still be a gem that looks quite nice in a mounting.
  • INCL or INCL (included). Easily visible inclusions that distract from the appearance of the stone. These are usually only offered in collector's rare stones. In a few types of gems these inclusions are normally acceptable, especially in emeralds and hot pink tourmalines. Mt. Antero aquamarines frequently have some type of internal flaws or inclusions, as do certain gems from some other rare localities because there just aren't that many stones available without flaws.
MEASUREMENTS: Dimensions are in millimeters (mm); usually width x length x (height: optional)
LOCALITY: Locality of where the rough was originally mined. Locality can play a big part in the rarity of a gemstone.
CUTTER: Unless stated otherwise assume this gemstone or cabochon is cut by me (Robert Spomer).
DESCRIPTION: Further description about the gemstone will follow the above items. Please feel free to ask more questions about the gemstone.
PRICE: The price is below the description. I use the same price for retail and wholesale customers. It is up to my discretion to offer a discount to wholesale customers or quantity purchasers. I try to offer good prices on all items, but some may be rare enough that it is not possible to discount much.
STOCK #: This is the BVGW Stock Number. Generally it is an parenthesis but not always. Please use this stock number when emailing or texting about the product.