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This page is primarily to show off my new additions to gemstones, jewelry, and mineral lines. Some of these gems are fresh off the dop and you will see them here first before they are added to the gemstone lists. Some of these will be so unusual, rare, and hot, we don't expect them to make it to our product pages.

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SOLD. Heliodor Beryl, lemony- yellow, Brazil (?) 3.18 ct long hexagon cut, 7.1x12 mm. Beautiful stone, has a slight golden tinge. A cousin to blue aquamarine. VVSI. (Stock #HEYH-0318) $120.00
  New! Tsavorite Garnet, Tanzania, 1.59 ct oval, 5.8x7.8 mm. Gorgeous natural pure dark green. This color is not easy to find any longer, this one is from old stock that a dealer had tucked away. Girdle is a little bit thicker than normal. Eyeclean (EC) (Stock #GAGO-0159) $750.00
SOLD. Garnet, Tanga, raspberry red, 2.31 ct oval, 6.6x8.8 mm, Tanga, Tanzania. Eyeclean, beautiful stone. Hot off the dop. $138.60 (Stock #GARO-0231)
New! Beryllonite, Minas Gerais, Brazil, light yellow, 7.20 ct oval, 10x13, SI. From an old stash. Rare collectors' sodium beryllium phosphate pegmatite gem mineral, uncommon color. Found in only a few places. Maine beryllonite is always colorless from what I've read. Occasionally something shows up from the Pakistan/Afghanistan region. Hardness 5.5-6, but it has several strong cleavages including one perfect one, which make stones a challenge to cut and polish. These rare gems usually have flaws, especially large ones. $1,440.00 (Stock #BNYO-0720)
New! Sapphire, dark pink-red sapphire, or "pink ruby". 0.81 ct, 4.2x5 mm, pulsar cut. From the Winza, Tanzania gem field. This stone is not red-red, but getting close. Some would classify this as a ruby. It is very hard to find good facet grade ruby and pink sapphire rough on the market unless you are a big buyer. These Winza stones are not treated in any way, all natural, and are not glass-filled like from some gem areas. (Stock #SAPP-0081) Price available soon.
New! Merelani Mint Grossular Garnet, 0.81 ct round brilliant, 5.8 mm. From the Merelani area of Tanzania. We found another piece of rough at a show and this one is clean, clean! Mint colored gems are a rarity, and these are some of the best! Mintier than the picture shows. $324.00 (Stock #GAGR-0081)
  New! Rose Quartz, South Dakota. 10.46 ct 4-3 triad cut, 14.3 mm. Eyeclean (EC). One of the best pieces of rough I personally collected on the old dumps about 40 years ago when you could still find cool stuff. Very nice color and clarity. It probably came from the White Elephant Mine near Pringle or the Wiley Mine near Custer. A real collectors item. (Stock #RQPT-1046) $209.20
New! Topaz, bluish-white, oval, VVS, 8.2x10.6 mm, 3.45 ct. From the well-known Tarryall Mts. in central Colorado. $69.00 (Stock #TZCO-0345)
  New! Citrine, pale to light yellow, 17.94 ct lozenge shape, 15.4x19.6 mm. Chaffee Co., Colorado. VSI. Another collector gem. Some of the clear quartz from this locality has pale citrine in the termination tips, especially the larger xls. This piece was found by the Brian Busse family (of the TV show Prospectors fame) years ago. Has a few minute bubble inclusions scattered around that really do not detract. (Stock #CIYL-1794) $269.10
New! Tourmaline, Afghanistan, teal blue, 3.91 ct, long emerald cut, 4.7x21 mm. VVS to EC. Beautiful color, would make a great pendant! $391.00 (Stock #TOBE-9381)
 SOLD. Tourmaline, classic indicolite blue, 1.64 ct, emerald cut, 6x7.4 mm. EC. Probably Brazil. Old style dark blue, true indicolite. $82.00 (Stock #TOBE-0164)
New! Tourmaline, Afghanistan, green with yellowish highlights, 1.15 ct, square pulsar cut, 6 mm. VVS. Nice medium green with yellowish highlights. $69.00 (Stock #TOGP-0115)
New! Tourmaline, Afghanistan, yellowish-green, 1.56 ct, pulsar cut, 6x6.8 mm. VVS. Attractive, flashy stone. $93.60 (Stock #TOGP-0156)
Notice: We have some brand new Mt. Antero, Colorado aquamarines from the mines up there, that will be featured on that gemstone page and we will be adding more as they are finished. Most are light blue, but some of them will be fairly large and clean. If you are interested in Colorado gemstones, check here.
whatsnewref Wire Wrap Pendants and earrings. Our designers have wire wrapped some of our cabs into outstanding, one-of-kind, pendants and earrings that women will be delighted to wear and receive as gifts.

Only available from Buena Vista Gem Works is our self-collected, custom cut and polished Colorado Columbine Blue Agate Jewelry.

To order or check on the availability of the piece(s), simply drop me an email or give me a call/text at the email/phone number below. Please include the Product Name and Stock Number when inquiring about product or placing an order. For more information on ordering, my guarantee, payment methods, shipping preferences, and shipping costs, see my Terms and Conditions page.

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