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Colorado Jewelry For Sale

All the following pieces of jewelry are made using Colorado gemstones. I have commissioned some very good designers to create the wire-wrap jewelry and I have indicated which designer did the piece.

Custom Made. Handcrafted. One-of-a-Kind Jewelry Pieces by Buena Vista Gem Works
Please order by stock number with a minimal order of $20.00.
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Columbine Blue Agate Jewelry

See my blog on Columbine Blue Agate to find out more about this Colorado gemstone.

blue agate pendant 46x26
Fantastic natural piece of Columbine Blue Agate professionally wire wrapped by an acclaimed Colorado artist in a 14 ct., gf pendant mounting. This piece measures 2-1/2" long! Fine color is accentuated by tiny quartz druse covering the surface which sparkles in the sun or other strong light. This is the largest top quality rare Columbine agate we've ever had made into a piece of jewelry. It weighs over 23 grams!
$175.00 (Stock Pw14y-BAF-46x26)
blue agate pendant 23x32
SOLD. Rare Columbine Blue AgateColorado in beautiful 14kt gold filled wire wrapped pendant. Looking for something unusual for that special gift? How many 14kt gold filled wire wraps are you seeing these days? Buena Vista Gem Works is as far as I know, the only one offering this rare agate to the general public. Compare to the famous Ellensburg, WA blue agate in color and rarity. The main collecting area only covers a few acres in size and for the most part we have to wait for rain and other natural events to wash new supplies out, which seem to be getting more scarce. Most of the material is small, thin, wavy, and full of pits or divots and lighter color, making ones like this a true treasure. Almost has a fluorescent appearance in sunlight, even though it exhibits no true fluorescence under black light. Named after the famous Colorado state flower of similar color.
$140 (Stock #P14Y-BAF-23x32)
blue agate rough 20x36 Unique and wonderful rough botryoidal piece of Columbine Blue Agate wire wrapped in sterling. This is a very unique piece of agate gemstone, as it shows numerous "bubbles" similar to the famous "grape agate" from Indonesia. Each bubble is covered by sparkly micro quartz crystals as well. It is one of the only ones I've ever found (and certainly the best one) from there. Stone is roughly 20 x 34mm.
$65.00 (Stock #PWS-BAF-20x34)
blue agate pendant 10x14
Oval polished cabochon of Columbine Blue Agate set in a sterling mounting, 10x14 oval. Color is light blue. We have two of these pendants if you are looking for two gifts.
$30.00/each (Stock #PS-BA-10x14)
blue agate pendant 9x13
Pear polished cabochon of Columbine Blue Agate set in a sterling mounting, 9x13mm pear. Color is medium blue. We have two of these pendants if you are looking for two gifts.
$30.00/each (Stock #PS-BA-9x13)
blue agate pendant 13x18 Here's a 13x18 mm oval Columbine Blue Agate in a prong mounting (sterling).
$30 (Stock #Ps_BA_13x18)
blue agate earrings SOLD. Columbine Blue Agate 10mm rounds set in a sterling silver earrings mountings.
$25 (Stock #EsBA10)

Colorado Turquoise Jewelry

Colorado over the years has produced some excellent turquoise, just not in the quantity that Arizona or Nevada has produced. Some people feel that the Villa Grove mine has been the source of some of the finest turquoise ever to come from the U.S. The only mines still producing gems today that I am aware of are one or two in Cripple Creek, and possibly Manassa, although status changes off and on. Some turquoise mines, such as the ones at Leadville, have not been operated since the 1960's, and material is rare and seldom available today. Some material has been collected off the old dumps, so you are usually not going to find large, thick chunks of gem material from there, as that would have been largely retained in the original working.


leadville turquoise 30x18 SOLD. Another great piece by super wire-wrapper Ann. Outstanding detail work! This is very nice Turquoise from Leadville, Colorado.  The mine has not operated since the mid-1960's. Although good and hard, this piece was a little bit thin, so has been strengthened on the backside by liquid steel, which allows it to be worn with confidence.
$100 (Stock #pws-lt-30x17)
leadville turquoise 23x20 Another nice greenish Turquoise from an old Leadville, CO mine. This one is kind of a diamond-cushion shape, and has a great polish. Wirewrapped in sterling by Elle. Backed with liquid steel for strength.
$40.00 (Stock #Pws-LT-23x20). $40.00
leadville turquise 26x30 Turquoise, Leadville, Colorado. Rare material from an old non-working mine. 26x30 mm pear shape. Has a granitic matrix, which causes some tiny pits in the surface as quartz grains pull away during cutting and polishing. Wirewrap by Elle.
$65.00 (Stock #Pws-LT-26x30)
wire wrap pendants Looking for more wire wrap pendants? See my page Wire Wrap Pendants from other locations.
gemstone jewelry Looking for faceted gemstones or cabs set in mountings? See my Gemstone Jewelry page.
PLEASE NOTE: Much effort has been made in the attempt to get as accurate a picture as possible of our gemstones. Keep the following in mind while shopping: Cameras do not see color exactly the same as the human eye and lighting conditions often cause large variances. When taking pictures for the web, we have found that it is very difficult to capture the brilliance that the human eye sees and photos cannot often show all of the stones' ambiance and jewelry pieces' fine detail. Also computer monitors vary and often color tones are set to suit the viewer's preferences. When shopping, remember that "the pictures are meant as a rough guide only." All our products have a money-back guarantee (see terms above) so there is no risk in ordering from the Buena Vista Gem Works.

To order or check on the availability of the piece(s), simply drop me an email or send me a text at the email/phone number below. Please include the Product Name and Stock Number when inquiring about product or placing an order. For more information on ordering, my guarantee, payment methods, shipping preferences, and shipping costs, see my Terms and Conditions page. Note: I am frequently "off the grid" when I am in the field collecting and might not be able to respond to your inquiry promptly. I will respond when I am once again in cell phone range.

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