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Gemstones for Sale

A variety of gemstones - most custom cut by me--some rare and/or large stones for the collector as well as numerous commercial stones. Buena Vista Gem Works has been in the gemstone business for over 40 years. My specialty is in providing top quality Colorado, domestic, and worldwide gemstones at a reasonable price. I may also be able to help you find a good jeweler in Colorado or information on do-it-yourself mountings for standard sizes and shapes.

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Jewelry for Sale

Pendants and Earrings created from some of my custom cut gemstones. Some handcrafted pieces from my personal artist friends.

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Polished Cabs For Sale

Colorado Blue Agate Cabs , Amazonite cabs, agate cabs, and other cabs suitable for collectors and those who want to make cab jewelry. I am working on getting pictures taken and posted but in the meantime if you have an interest, give me a call to visit about what I have in stock.

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Minerals For Sale

Self-collected minerals from Colorado and other states. Currently I have a claim in the Crystal Peak area and am mining amazonite, smoky quartz, fluorite, etc. Over the past number of years I have also collected Columbine Blue Agate, Colorado Tourmaline, Quartz, Topaz, and Leadville Turquoise & Pyrite crystals, to name a few. I am working on getting pictures taken and posted. But in the meantime if you have an interest, give me a call to see what I have in stock. Of interest to some as well, is my  collecting blogs about a variety minerals you will find in Colorado and throughout the USA.