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aqua1455 sold Large Aquamarine,14.55 ct. teardrop shape, 11.5 x 20.5 mm.
Rough dealer thought it African but looked more like Pakistan. American cut, Portuguese style. Nice medium blue color, much better than the picture shows. I tried to take a number of pictures of this with different backgrounds and lighting, but nothing seemed to work very satisfactorily. I'll keep trying. Pretty clean gem too. A large gem for a great pendant or ?
$50/ct or $727.50 total.
aqua0132 Aquamarine, 1.32 ct. teardrop shape, 11.5 x 20.5 mm, VSI. Measurements are 6 x 12 mm., Locality unknown
Very clean. Terrific for a pendant.
$33.00 (Sstock #AQBT-0132)
Aquamarine, Large 8.84 ct. teardrop shape, measures 13.3x21 mm., Africa. SI. Very nice color and brightness. Has a couple small inclusions near the table, but faces up great! If you are looking for a large aqua, this one would make a great pendant. (Stock #AQBT-0884) $600.00
aqua0146 Aquamarine, 1.46 ct. Eye-clean (EC), measures 6.5 x 10 mm., Locality unknown.
Nice color medium blue triad shield cut.
$87.60 (Stock #AQBS-0146)
aqua0395 Aquamarine, 3.95 ct teardrop, Africa, light blue, VSI, 88x16.6 mm.
$237.00 (Stock #AQBT-0395)
aqua0185 Aquamarine, 1.85 ct teardrop, Africa, medium-dark, VSI, 7.4x10.4mm.
$222.00 (Stock #AQBT-0185)
aqua0254 Aquamarine, 2.54 ct trilliant, Africa, light blue, 10.2 mm, EC.
$127.00 (Stock #AQBT-0254)
aqua0225 Aquamarine, 2.25ct trilliant, Africa, light blue, 10.0 mm, EC.
$127.00 (Stock #AQBT-0225)
aqua0148 Aquamarine, light blue, 1.48ct., arrowhead, VSI, 5.8x11.4mm, locality not specified.
$51.80 (Stock #AQBA-0148)
aqua0234 Aquamarine, light blue, 2.34 ct, arrowhead, VSI, locality unknown, 7.6x12.0 mm.
$44.40 (Stock# AQBA-0234)
aqua0219 Aquamarine, light blue, 2.19ct., bullet/shield, EC, 7.4 x 9.2 mm, unknown locality.
Bright and lively. Would make a great pendant stone.
$76.65 (Stock #AQBA-0219)
aqua0499 Aquamarine, pale blue, 4.99ct., arrowhead, EC, 10.5x14.5mm, locality not specified.
$59.88 (Stock #AQBA-0499)
aqua0158 soldAquamarine, medium dark blue, 1.58ct., emerald, VSI, Idaho.
Nice collector's stone from a rare locale. We have a few other small Idaho stones. If interested, please write. Also a few from North Carolina (Wiseman Mine).
$158.00 (Stock #AQBE-0158)
aqua0122 Aquamarine, light/medium blue, 1.22ct., marquise, VSI, 5.8x10.8mm, unknown locality.
A marquise cut aqua for that special ring.
$61.00 (Stock #AQBM-0122)
aqua0175 Aquamarine, light/medium blue, 1.75ct., oval, VSI, ~7x10mm, unknown locality.
Bright waterman split mains oval cut.
$70.00 (Stock #AQBO-0175)
aqua0187 Aquamarine, light blue, 1.87ct., oval, VSI, 5.5x11mm, unknown locality.
Good brilliance.
$46.75 (Stock #AQBO-0187)
aqua0293 Aquamarine, light blue, 2.93ct., oval, EC, ~9x13mm, locality not specified.
$87.90 (Stock #AQBO-0293)
aqua0057 Aquamarine, medium-dark blue, 0.57ct., pear, VSI, ~4.5x7mm, locality not specified.
$40.00 (Stock #AQBP-0057)
aqua0072 Aquamarine, medium dark blue, 0.72ct., pulsar, VSI, 4.2x6.8mm, unknown locality.
A great little stone, has nice color.
$57.60 (Stock #AQBP-0072)
aqua0117 Aquamarine, medium/dark blue, 1.17ct., pulsar, EC, 5.4x7.4mm, Africa.
Great color in strong medium (or darker) sky blue. Fine stone.
$140.40 (Stock #AQBP-0117)
aqua0085 soldVery attractive small ring or pendant stone. Good color.
$72.25 (Stock #AQBR-0085)
aqua0124 Aquamarine, light blue, 1.24ct., rocker, EC, 4.7x9.4mm, locality not specified.
$43.40 (Stock #AQBR-0124)
aqua0194 Aquamarine, blue, 1.94ct., rocker, EC, 5x12.3mm, Pakistan.
$38.80 (Stock #AQBR-0194)
aqua0488 soldAquamarine, very lt. blue, 4.08 ct pulsar/princess type cut, lt. inclusions.
$40.00 (Stock #AQBP-0408)
aqua0209 Aquamarine, pale blue, 2.09ct., triangular shield, EC, ~8.5x10mm, unknown locality.
Nice and bright.
$52.25 (Stock #AQBS-0209)
aqua0302 soldAquamarine, pale blue, 3.02 ct oval. Has inclusions.
Interesting stone.
$30.00 (Stock# AQBO-0302)
aqua0081 sold Aquamarine,strong blue, 0.81ct., trillion, VSI, ~7mm, Rare locality
Old piece with that nice, deep Idaho color.
$81.00 (Stock #AQBT-0081)
aqua0138 Aquamarine, light blue, 1.38ct., trillion shield, EC, ~7x8.5mm, unknown locality, good brilliance
$34.50 (Stock #AQBT-0138)
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