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Queensland Agate, Australia. Nice clean banded oval agate from the famous area down under. Approximately 30x36 mm in size, ~ 4 mm thick. Good polish. (Stock # agtredblu30x36ov). $20
True Apple Green Wyoming Nephrite Jade, a great 22x32 mm oval, from old stock, ~4 mm thick. This is the best green jade found in Wyoming, the one that everyone wants and is so scarce and prized. Curved, low dome, fine polish. From old stock. (Stock # jadgrn22x32ov). $40.
SOLD. Top grade large banded Rhodochrosite cabochon from the world-famous Capillitas, Argentina mine high in the mountains. This is the material everyone absolutely loves, and the mine is has been completely closed for a few years now. From an old stash. This gem measures 25x37 mm and weighs in at 76.2 carats. Approx 8 mm thick.Would make a fabulous pendant or simply a great collector display piece. (Stock # rhopnk25x37pr) $135.00
SOLD. Another true Apple Green Wyoming (Nephrite) Jade piece, this one is a designer rectangle, 18x57 mm, 4 mm thick. (Stock # jadgrn18x57rt) $40
SOLD. Sugilite, Africa. Fine purple freeform cabochon, 15x31.5 mm, ~ 7mm thick at highest point. 20.3 carats in weight. Sometimes maketed as lavulite. The material came out in the late '90's, not a whole lot since. Back is sanded but not finished. (Stock # sugpur15x31fr) $40
Purple Jadeite Jade from Turkey. Two 22 mm round cabochons sold as a set. This jade is much deeper in color than Burmese purple jade. This is the famous "outhouse jade", discovered by a western tourist visiting the local facilities at an outbak village. 6 mm thick. (Stock # 2jadpur22rd) $40
SOLD. Lake Superior Agate (U.S.A.) with an amethyst center. Rare. Does have a crack below the surface on one side, most of the "Lakers" do have a crack or two if they are of any size. This is a 19x33 mm freeform cab, 5 mm thick. Back is sanded flat but unpolished. (Stock #agtlkrbrn19x33fr) $20
Brown Moss Agate oval, locality unknown. A 27x37 mm oval, ~5 mm thick. Super polish. (Stock # mosagtbrn27x37ov) $10
Large Ocean Jasper Cabochon, the "old original stuff" much admired and loved, in green and pinkish on off-white. Close to a marquise shape, 23x52 mm, maybe pendeloque would be a better description. This material came from a small island off the coast of Madagascar, and the older more distinct material has seemingly long been mined out. (Stock # ojwgp23x52mq) $35
White Moss Agate, Oregon. Unusual large cabochon of nice plume agate from eastern Oregon with mostly white and some black plumes, 4.5 mm thick. Flat sanded on back but unpolished. (Stock # mosagtwht31x33fr). $25
Black Moss Agate in a clear background, locality unknown. A nicely polished 34 mm round gem, similar to Montana agate, but the mosses are different. Great polish. 3 mm thick. (Stock # mosagtblk34rd) $15
Green Ocean Jasper from Madagascar, 18x37 mm rectangle, about 3 mm thick. Old material, super polish. (Stock #ojgrn18x37rt) $15
White Plume Agate, Oregon. Designer "rectangle" cab, 19x43 mm. (Stock #mosagtwht19x37rt) $10.
Brown Moss Agate on bluish background, two cabs, undersized 30x40 ovals. Locality unknown. Nice polish, the larger one has a slight pit in the surface. (Stock # mosagtbrn27x38ov) $10 each.
Ocean Jasper, Madagascar, the "old stuff". Green and yellow cogwheels on a gray/white fortification background. 36 mm round, 5 mm thick. Has a small crystal cavity in one area. (Stock # ojgwy36rd). $15
Ocean Jasper, Madagascar, the "old stuff". Pink spots or eyes on a dark background. Super polish, cab does have some pits typical of some of the ocean jasper material. (Stock # ojbp24x34rt) $10.
Ocean Jasper, Madagascar, white eyes on a dark background. Super polish, ~30x40 arrowhead or kite shape. (Stock # ojbp30x40ah) $10
SOLD. Agatized Dinosaur Bone, Colorado or Utah. 26x34 cushion shape. Clear translucent agate cells surrounded by blackish dividing agate. You can see the clear cells when you hold it up to a light source. Nice cab. (Stock #dinyblk26x34cu) $15
Old Carey Plume Agate, Oregon. Red and gold plumes in a translucent clear agate. One of the nicest red plumes available, but material has gotten scarce. It has always been one of my favorites. This gem is 21.5x40 mm in an oval shape, ~4 mm thick. (Stock # agtcpl21x40ov) $45
Another old Carey Plume Agate from Oregon with red and gold plumes in clear agate. Very nice, in an angular freeform shape, 28x33 mm, 4.5 mm thick. (Stock # agtcpl28x33fr) $40
Ocean Jasper, Madagascar, the "old stuff". Freeform 25x40 mm cab. Brick red and green, super polish. (Stock # ojrg25x40fr) $15
Madagascar cab pic Ocean Jasper, Madagascar, the "old stuff". Rectangular cushion 18x34 mm cab. Brick red and green, super polish. (Stock # ojrg18x34cu) $15
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