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orange garnet 0131 soldSpessartite Garnet, mandarin orange, 1.31ct., symmetrical freeform, VSI, 5x10mm, Nigeria.
Very attractive color, arrowhead shape. Often called mandarin, due to it's resemblance to mandarin oranges, and wildly popular. This one has a tiny inclusion in the pavilion, it's very hard to get these totally clean.
$131.00 (Stock #GAOF-0131)
orange garnet 0261 Spessartite Garnet, mandarin orange, 2.61 ct step lozenge cut, VSI, 5.9x10.9 mm.
Another beautiful mandarin color stone from the new find in Loliondo. This one would work well in a ring too. Get yours before they "dry up", like all fine gem fields do.
$391.50 (Stock #GAOL-0261)
orange garnet 0235 Spessartite Garnet, mandarin orange, 2.35 ct pear/teardrop shape, SI/VSI, 7x10 mm.
Another gorgeous large mandarin color stone from Tanzania. These things must be seen to be believed.
$352.50 (Stock #GAOP-0235)
orange garnet 0234 Garnet, Spessartite, matched pair, 2.34 cts total, scissor cut, VSI. A little darker than "true mandarin", more of a fanta color. Would make a great set of earrings.
$140.40. (Stock #GAOS-0234),
orange garnet 0261 Spessartite Garnet, orange, 2.61ct., pulsar, EC, 5.6x9.9mm, Africa.
Nice orange spessartite with reddish highlights.
$261.00 (Stock #GAOP-0261)
orange garnet soldMehenge Garnet. Just off the dop. One of the rare and much in demand Mehenge Garnets from East Africa, 1.01 cts, 6.0 mm. These are well known to be clean and bright and lighter color tones. This one reminds me quite a bit of a padparadsha sapphire, kind of a light pinky-orange. Perfect for a dainty ring so much in fashion now. The refractive index (R.I.) is about 1.77.
$120.00 (Stock #GAOR-0101)
orange garnet 0066 Spessartite Garnet, fanta orange, 0.55ct., round, SI, 5mm, Africa.
Great orange garnet.
$22.00 (Stock #GAOR-0055)
orange garnet 0108 Spessartite Garnet, fanta orange, 1.08ct., round, VSI, 5mm, Africa.
Hot new mandarin garnet. Can be used with GAOR-0110 as a matched pair.
$43.20 (Stock #GAOR-0108)
orange garnet 0110 Spessartite Garnet, fanta orange, 1.10ct., round, VSI, 5mm, Africa.
Can be used with GAOR-0108 as a matched pair.
$44.00 (Stock #GAOR-0110)
orange garnet 0175 Spessartite Garnet, "mandarin" orange, 1.75ct., Portuguese tri shield, VSI to SI, 6.6x7.8mm, Africa.
Here is a very attractive "mandarin" color garnet from Africa, not sure of the exact country. Probably Nigeria or Namibia.
$175.00 (Stock #GAOS-0175)
orange garnet 0077 Spessartite Garnet, "mandarin" orange, 0.77ct., teardrop, EC, 4.4x7.2mm, Nigeria.
Bright and lively with those wonderful mandarin-color highlights.
$38.50 (Stock #GAOT-0077)
 orange garnet 0126 Hessonite Garnet ("tangerine"), orange, 1.26ct., oval, SI, Africa.
$37.80 (Stock #GAOO-0126)
orange garnet 0174 Hessonite Garnet ("tangerine"), orange, 1.74ct., pear, VSI, 6.2x9.2x4.3mm, Africa.
Variety of hessonite.
$52.20 (Stock #GAOP-0174)
orange garnet 0082 Garnet, Hessonite, golden, 0.82ct., round, VSI, 5.7mm, Asbestos, Canada.
$32.80 (Stock #GAOR-0082)
orange garnet 0181 Imperial Malaya 1.81 ct Portuguese oval, EC, 6 x 8 mm.
These very rare stones from east Africa are famous for color change, from strong pink in incandescent light through padparadscha orange colors in daylight. In some lights, this one even shows a kind of funky dark golden tone. Good brilliance. Don't miss out. Purchase this stone today.
$271.50 (Stock #GAOO-0181)
orange garnet 0158 Imperial Malaya Garnet, 1.58 ct oval, EC, 6x7.5 mm
Similar to the one listed above.
$237.00. (Stock #GAOO-0158)
orange garnet 0083 sold Malaya Garnet, orange, 0.83ct., oval, EC, 5.6mm, E. Africa.
$50.00. (Stock #GAOO-0083)
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