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"Morganite Gemstones for Sale

**Please order by Product Name and Stock Number with a minimal order of $20.00**
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morganite0879 Morganite, good light pink, 8.79ct., barion checkerboard rectangle, SI to INCL, 11x15mm, locality not specified.
Delicate pink. Has some typical morganite inclusions, but has a checkerboard crown to help hide them. Priced at only $30/ct.
$263.70.(Stock #MOPB-0879)
morganite1330 Morganite Beryl, good light pink, 13.30 ct., square brilliant cut, VSI, 14 mm, locality unknown.
Nice bright light pink. Like most morganites, it has some scattered very tiny bubble-like inclusions, but faces up very nicely.
$798.00 (Stock #MOPS-1330)
morganite0511 Morganite, light peach, 5.11ct. Portuguese cushion cut, 9.3x12.2 mm, SI to INCL.
Has the typical morganite type inclusions, but good brilliance.
Only $15/ct which amounts to only $76.65 (Stock #MOPC-0511)
morganite0584 Morganite, good light pink, 5.84 ct oval, VSI to EC, .
Cut in Sri Lanka by top cutters. Very attractive and lively, quite clean as morganites go
$350.40 (Stock # #MOPO-0584)
morganite0482 soldMorganite, light pink freeform cut, 4.82 ct, EC, slight window. Cut in Sri Lanka.
If you are looking for a designer shape for your next project, here's a nice one to consider.
$96/40 (Stock #MOPF-0482)
morganite0405 Morganite, light pink, 4.05 ct pear shape or teardrop, VSI.
Very good looking stone for a pendant or ring.
$243.00 (Stock #MOPP-0405)
e4pic Morganite (5 pieces), pale pink, various shapes and sizes, VSI, Brazil or Calif.
  • Two ovals at 1.20 and 1.50 cts
  • Two pulsars at 1.14 and 1.20 cts
  • One marquise at 0.94 cts
  • TOTAL 5.88 CTS

$10/ct. (Stock ##MO-5pcs)
morganite0359 soldMorganite, 3.59 ct oval, light pink, I to SI. Typical bubble inclusions.
morganite0348 Morganite, 3.48 ct freeform, light pink, I to SI, some typical bubble inclusions.
$15/ct or $52.20. (Stock #MOPF-0348)
morganite0304 soldMorganite, 3.04 ct freeform, good light pink, SI, some typical bubble inclusions.
morganite0143 soldMorganite, 1.43 ct oval, good light pink, VSI,
PLEASE NOTE: Much effort has been made in the attempt to get as accurate a picture as possible of our gemstones. Keep the following in mind while shopping: Cameras do not see color exactly the same as the human eye and lighting conditions often cause large variances. When taking pictures for the web, we have found that it is very difficult to capture the brilliance that the human eye sees and photos cannot often show all of the stones' ambiance and jewelry pieces' fine detail. Also computer monitors vary and often color tones are set to suit the viewer's preferences. When shopping, remember that "the pictures are meant as a rough guide only." All our products have a money-back guarantee (see terms above) so there is no risk in ordering from the Buena Vista Gem Works.

To order or check on the availability of the piece(s), simply drop me an email or send me a text at the email/phone number below. Please include the Product Name and Stock Number when inquiring about product or placing an order. For more information on ordering, my guarantee, payment methods, shipping preferences, and shipping costs, see my Terms and Conditions page. Note: I am frequently "off the grid" when I am in the field collecting and might not be able to respond to your inquiry promptly. I will respond when I am once again in cell phone range.