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new Lavender Quartz, 5.46 ct, 12 mm trilliant cut, EC. Another gem rare on the market is this attractive lavender variety of rose quartz from Minas Gerais, Brazil. Lavender quartz is colored naturally by titanium and manganese, and has so far only been found in Brazil, Madagascar, and Namibia. There is a similar color quartz found in Utah at Topaz Mt, but crystals are very small. This stone has really nice brilliance too. (Stock #QZLT-0546) $136.50
new Lavender Quartz, 8.07 ct., 13 mm, step cut round, EC. Minas Gerais, Brazil. A subvariety of rose quartz, colored naturally by titanium or manganese, most of these stones will have a slight hazy look, but very attractive and an unusual gem color. (Stock #QZLR-0807) $80.70
ciy11794 newCitrine, pale to light yellow, 17.94 ct lozenge shape, 15.4x19.6 mm. Chaffee Co., Colorado, VSI.
Another collector gem. Some of the clear quartz from this locality has pale citrine in the termination tips, especially the larger xls. This piece was found by the Brian Busse family (of the TV show Prospectors fame) years ago. Has a few minute bubble inclusions scattered around that really do not detract.
(Stock #CIYL-1794) $269.10
actinolite3018 Actinolite in Quartz, green needles in quartz, 30.18ct., emerald, 14x22x13mm, California.
Unusual and spectacular stone. Minute needles of green actinolite give a greenish cast. I cut three stones from this one-of-a-kind rough. This one is the largest.
$301.80 (Stock #QAGE-3018)
ametrime1040 Ametrine, light violet to gold, 10.40 ct., bar cut, unusual shape. EC, 10x14 mm.
$104.00. (Stock #ATBB-1040)
prasiolite0118 Prasiolite, light yellowish-green, 1.18ct., trillion, VSI/EC, ~7.5mm, Brazil.
Rare green quartz from Brazil, made by heat treating amethyst from a particular mine. Instead of getting citrine, like from most mines, this stuff turns green. Known in the trade as prasiolite, greened amethyst, green quartz, etc.
$10.00 (Stock #PRGT-0129b)
Prasiolite0292 Prasiolite, light/pale green, 2.92 ct arrowhead, EC, 8.3x14.3 mm., greened amethyst from Brazil.
The picture shows this gemstone a light color but it is not as light as the picture shows. If this gemstone interest you, send me an email or text and I will redo the picture for you.
$10 for the stone (#PRGA-0292)
PLEASE NOTE: Much effort has been made in the attempt to get as accurate a picture as possible of our gemstones. Keep the following in mind while shopping: Cameras do not see color exactly the same as the human eye and lighting conditions often cause large variances. When taking pictures for the web, we have found that it is very difficult to capture the brilliance that the human eye sees and photos cannot often show all of the stones' ambiance and jewelry pieces' fine detail. Also computer monitors vary and often color tones are set to suit the viewer's preferences. When shopping, remember that "the pictures are meant as a rough guide only." All our products have a money-back guarantee (see terms above) so there is no risk in ordering from the Buena Vista Gem Works.

To order or check on the availability of the piece(s), simply drop me an email or send me a text at the email/phone number below. Please include the Product Name and Stock Number when inquiring about product or placing an order. For more information on ordering, my guarantee, payment methods, shipping preferences, and shipping costs, see my Terms and Conditions page. Note: I am frequently "off the grid" when I am in the field collecting and might not be able to respond to your inquiry promptly. I will respond when I am once again in cell phone range.