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sapphire0072 soldSapphire, fancy hexagon, 0.72 ct, EC, Gem Mt., MT.
Mostly natural golden, but with some bicolor blue effect. Nice! None of our Montana sapphire stones are heat-treated ) unless it specifically says so.
$PRICE (Stock ##SAOH-0072)
New! Sapphire, special offering! Collector's item! 2.80 ct oval, violet, 7.0x9.2mm, VSI-SI. From a rare American locality: Rocky Flats, Idaho. A friend found this around 1980 when he worked and lived near there. From what I hear, the area is now built up with homes and is closed. Even then, the vast majority of sapphires from there were either junk or cabochon grade, only a tiny fraction could be faceted. They came mostly in pink, blue, bi-color, and oranges, and mostly smallish. This is the largest I can recall cutting from there. Has some haze, which probably could be heat-treated out if you would want. (Stock #SAPO-0280) $2,800.00
new Sapphire, 1.30 ct. teardrop, Winza, Tanzania, 5.3x8.9 mm, VVS. Unusual purply-pink gem with a dark blue stripe. All natural, no treatments. This field is famous for bi-color sapphires. (Stock # SAPT-0130) $260.00
new Sapphire, 0.90 ct, 4x6 mm emerald cut, Madagascar. Unusual dark pinky-orange in color. No treatments that I am aware of, all natural. (Stock #SAOE-0090) $90.00
sapphire0060 Sapphire, light purplish-blue, 0.60ct., arrowhead, SI, 4x8.4mm, E. Africa.
Those are not flaws in the picture, they are reflections from the styrofoam container. Does have a few light flaws, but looks good face up.
$90.00 (Stock #SABA-0060)
sapphire0157 Sapphire, medium blue, 1.60ct., wsm oval, Eye-clean, 5.5x9.1 mm, Montana.
Heat-treated piece from Gem Mt., MT. Strong blue shows a good brilliance in a Waterman split-mains oval.
$480.00 (Stock #SABO-0157)
sapphie0060 Sapphire, good blue with slight purplish cast, 0.60 ct oval, ~4.5x5.5 mm, probably from Sri Lanka. Good clarity, VSI at least.
$120.00. (Stock #SABO-0060)
newSapphire, very unusual natural color combination for sapphire, pink and dark blue, with a strong line of color demarcation. 0.81 ct,  ~4x7mm, teardrop cut. Collector's item. From the new finds at Winza, Tanzania gem field, gaining a reputation for rubies, sapphires, and bi-color sapphires. (Stock #SABT-0081) $160.00
newSapphire, dark pink-red sapphire, or "pink ruby". 0.81 ct, 4.2x5 mm, pulsar cut. From the Winza, Tanzania gem field. This stone is not red-red, but getting close. Some would classify this as a ruby. It is very hard to find good facet grade ruby and pink sapphire rough on the market unless you are a big buyer. These Winza stones are not treated in any way, all natural, and are not glass-filled like from some gem areas. (Stock #SAPP-0081) Price available soon.
sapphire0050 Sapphire, flourescent hot pink, 0.50ct., marquise, EC, ~3x6mm, locality not specified.
Brilliant clean sapphire in the highly desired hot pink color range. I love this color!
$100.00 (Stock #SAPM-0050)
sapphire0063 Sapphire, hot pink, 0.63ct., oval, VSI, ~3x5mm, locality not specified.
Hot pink sapphire! Looks great face up.
$126.00 (Stock #SAPO-0063)
sapphire pinkset Sapphire, pink, 0.27ct., trillion, EC, ~3.8mm, unknown locality.
Brilliant trillion of nice bubblegum pink sapphire. Some lighting will show more purply, some more pink.
$30.00 (Stock #SAPT-0027)
alt=sapphire pinkset Sapphire, pink, 0.28ct., trillion, EC, ~4.0mm, unknown locality.
Nice bubblegum pink sapphire. Some lighting will show more purply, some more pink.
$30.00 (Stock #SAPT-0028)
sapphire pinkset Sapphire, good pink, 0.32ct., trillion, EC, ~4mm, locality not specified.
Good color, bright. Some lighting will show more purply, some more pink.
$35.00 for this darker stone, or buy the whole set for $70.00 (Stock #SAPT-0032)
sapphire_montana Sapphire (Montana variety), various, mostly rounds, some checkerboard crowns, some standard, EC to Incl.

We have a big variety of genuine Gem Mt., Montana sapphires in many pastel and some bright colors, even bi-colors. Here is a small sample of some of the stone we have in stock, mostly in the 3 to 5+ mm sizes. Because of the variety, they are difficult to match for size and color. Most all of the earring stones have been sold. Very bright and lively. Most are eye-clean, but some have "haze" or inclusions, and are priced accordingly. Expertly cut in Sri Lanka on American equipment.

Roughly $100 per carat for clean stones
Not so clean stones, $50/ct and up
Please inquire for specifics if interested.
(Stock #SA-VarietyMt)
sapphire_darkblue Sapphire, dark blue, various shapes and sizes, SI to EC, locality not specified.
Dark blue commercial sapphires. We have a variety of small Australian and other sapphires in stock. They are mostly deep blue, a few are lighter. Sizes up to about 3/4 ct. Various shapes and sizes. Some of the best ones will be listed below.
Roughly $25-100/ct, according to color.
Please inquire for specifics if interested
(Stock #SA-VarietyCommercial)
sapphire0056 Sapphire, Umba, E. Africa, 0.56 ct marquise, dark velvet blue, 3.8 x 6.9 mm. SI to I.
$56.00 (#SABM-0056)

Also have a similar one with much more purple in it, weighing 0.60ct.
sapphire0075 Montana Sapphire, Gem Mt. Montana, 0.75 ct trilliant, yellowish, with a bit of a bi-color effect, typical of Gem Mt. stones. 5.7x6.3 mm. VVSI.
$75.00 (stock #SABT-0075)
sapphie0075 Montana Sapphire, Gem Mt. Montana., 0.75 ct. trilliant. Nearly colorless, but has a pale bi-color effect. Excellent brilliance. 5.3x6.0 mm., VVSI.
$40.00 (#SACT-0075)
sapphire0082 Montana Sapphire, 0.82 ct. trilliant. Gem Mt. Montana, pale yellowish color. 6 mm. Very light haze, VSI.
$54.00 (#SAYT-0082)
sapphire0072 Montana Sapphire, 0.94 ct trilliant. Gem Mt Montana
Nice bi-color stone. Has some slight haziness and light inclusions, but still faces up well.
$94.00 (#SABT-0094)
sapphie0065 Montana Sapphire, 0.65 ct oval. Gem Mt. Montana, 4.7x6 mm, EC.
Very strong, bright golden orange with slight bi-color effect.
$95.00 (#SAOO-0065)
sapphire0088 Sapphire, Umba, E. Africa., ~4x8 mm, 0.88 ct pulsar cut, EC.
Bright, mauve colored gem with good brilliance.
$88.00 (#SAPP-0088)
sapphie0281 Sapphire, Umba E. Africa, 2.81 ct., 7mm round
Rare, padparadscha orange sapphire cabochon. Very nice, Not quite transparent enough to facet, has the typical slight haze, but no cracks or inclusions. Color is very good.
$100.ct which amounts to $281.00. (#SAOR-0281)
PLEASE NOTE: Much effort has been made in the attempt to get as accurate a picture as possible of our gemstones. Keep the following in mind while shopping: Cameras do not see color exactly the same as the human eye and lighting conditions often cause large variances. When taking pictures for the web, we have found that it is very difficult to capture the brilliance that the human eye sees and photos cannot often show all of the stones' ambiance and jewelry pieces' fine detail. Also computer monitors vary and often color tones are set to suit the viewer's preferences. When shopping, remember that "the pictures are meant as a rough guide only." All our products have a money-back guarantee (see terms above) so there is no risk in ordering from the Buena Vista Gem Works.

To order or check on the availability of the piece(s), simply drop me an email or send me a text at the email/phone number below. Please include the Product Name and Stock Number when inquiring about product or placing an order. For more information on ordering, my guarantee, payment methods, shipping preferences, and shipping costs, see my Terms and Conditions page. Note: I am frequently "off the grid" when I am in the field collecting and might not be able to respond to your inquiry promptly. I will respond when I am once again in cell phone range.