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Green Tourmaline Gemstones for Sale

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greentourmaline0217 star collector's itemCollector's Gemstone

Tourmaline, Newry Maine, 2.17ct, 7.1x9.2 mm, VSI to SI
Collector's bright traffic-light green oval from the world-famous early 1970's gem find at Plumbago Gem Pit, Newry, Maine. A real collectors item, these highly-sought gems are hard to get. Most rough disappeared into the bank vault or hands of local collectors.
$434.00 (Stock #TOGO-0217)
greentourmaline0171 Tourmaline, 1.71 ct oval, 5.7 x 10.8 mm, EC or close to it.
Very nice teal gem from Nigeria, could be classified under green or blue actually. Love these teal colors! Cut in USA, Portuguese style.
$171.00 (Stock #TOTO-0171)
greentourmaline0236 soldTourmaline, 2.36 ct round, Mozambique, 8.2 mm, VSI.
Nice attractive medium green color, perfect, does not black out or get olive which most medium to darker green tourmalines do.
$236.00 (Stock #TOGR-0236)
greentourmaline0115 newTourmaline, Afghanistan, green with yellowish highlights, 1.15 ct, square pulsar cut, 6 mm. VVS.
Nice medium green with yellowish highlights.
$69.00 (Stock #TOGP-0115)
greentourmaine0156 newTourmaline, Afghanistan, yellowish-green, 1.56 ct, pulsar cut, 6x6.8 mm. VVS. Attractive, flashy stone.
$93.60 (Stock #TOGP-0156)
greentourmaline0208 newNew from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Africa. Minty Green Tourmaline in a scissors cut, 2.08 ct, 6.4x8.3 mm, EC. Very pretty gem, medium minty green with some very slight yellowish-green on the ends. From the new finds in the Congo.
$208.00 (Stock #TOGS-0208)
greentourmaline0279 Tourmaline, Paprok, Afghanistan. 2.79 ct emerald cut, 6x11 mm VSI.
Nice bi-tonal green from probably the most famous tourmaline locality in Afghanistan.
$139.50 (Stock TOGE-0279)
greentourmaline0160 Also from D.R. Congo, Africa, is this brilliant mint flower cut round Tourmaline weighing 1.60 ct and measuring 6.0 mm.
Super! Cut a little deeper, but would make a killer ring stone.
$250.00 (Stock #TOGR-0160)
gntourmaline0213 Tourmaline D.R. Congo, Africa, a nice minty light green emerald cut weighing 2.13 ct and measuring 6.3x8.7 mm. Has a tiny tube inclusion coming in one end of the pavilion, but hides well, as it parallels the long dimension of the gem.
$160.00 (Stock #TOGE-0213)
greentourmaline0200 Tourmaline D.R. Congo, Africa, this one a darker bi-tonal green emerald cut weighing 2.00 ct and measuring 6.5x7.5 mm.
$80.00 (Stock #TOGE-0200)
greentourmaline Tourmaline, dark green, 1.24ct., bar cut, EC, 4x8mm, Brazil.
Nice dark green, has very slight yellowish tinge.
$60.00 (Stock #TOGB-0124)
greentourmaline0235 soldTourmaline, 2.35 ct pulsar rectangle, 5.9 x 9.4 mm, VSI
Hot off the dop. A great minty green gem cut in a fancy pulsar rectangle which was cut for extra brilliance. It's a very pretty color, showing both green and yellowish dichroism in the minty range. I are not positive on the location because the rough dealer didn't know but believe it to be from Afghanistan. Finest American cutting.
$235.00 (Stock #TOGP-0235)
greentourmaline0194 Tourmaline, minty green, 1.94 ct scissor cut, VSI, 4.7 x 11.3 mm.
Another great Afghan piece. A little more green and a tiny bit less blue than the one above, but a great bright color! Afghan tourmaline has long been known for it's bright green and blue tones.
$291.00 (Stock #TOGS-0194)
greentourmaline0132 star collectorCollector's Item

soldTourmaline, Newry, Maine, minty green, 1.32 ct pulsar cut, SI, 5.7 x 6.4 mm.
Rare Collector's piece. This is from the fabulous early 1970's pocket at Plumbago Mt Newry, Maine; the one where the large watermelon crystals were found. Most of this was salted away and has long since gone into private collections back east. This is that beautiful "traffic light green", some of the prettiest green around, IMHO. Has a slight inclusion, but would make a great ring or whatever you'd want.
$264.00 (Stock # TOGP-0132)
greentourmaline0236 Tourmaline, medium dark teal green, 2.85ct., scissors, EC, 4.7 x 13.1 mm, unknown locality in Africa.
Here is a great color medium dark blue-green tourmaline cut in a nice scissors cut for maximum brilliance. I could have easily put this in the indicolite category, because the blue and green are pretty evenly balanced. This stone is eye-clean.
$285.00 (Stock #TOGS-0236)
toge0298 new Tourmaline, 2.98 ct emerald cut, 6x10.7 mm, VVS, teal green, Brazil. From old stock, traditional Brazilian medium dark green. Tiny flaw in the pavilion is not real noticeable at most viewing angles. This color was hard to photograph, is more uniform than photo shows.
(Stock #TOGE-0298) $119.20
green tourmaline0121 Tourmaline, 1.21 ct scissor cut, SI, 4.7 x 8.0 mm, Mozambique.
This stone was cut from the same crystal as above #TOGS-0236. Great color, with a little bit of inclusion in it. Still faces up nicely.
$121.00 (Stock #TOGS-0121).
greentourmaline0142 soldTourmaline, 1.42 ct round, unknown locale, 6.8 mm, EC.
$50.00 (Stock #TOGR-0142)
greentourmaline0171 Tourmaline, 1.72 ct triad, Brazil, 7.4 mm, EC.
$35/ct or $60.20 (Stock #TOGT-0172)
greentourmaline0124 Tourmaline, 1.24 ct opposed bar cut
$37.20 (Stock #TOGB-0124)
greentourmaline0236 Tourmaline, African teal, 2.36 ct, 4.7x18.1 mm, scissors cut, EC.
Nice, could be classified as blue as well as greenf and I will list it there as well.
$188.80 (Stock # TOTS-0236)
greentourmaline0368 Tourmaline, 3.68 ct rocker cut, Namibia, 6.2x14.1 mm, VSI.
Super nice teal gem from Namibia, the country that produces some of the world's best. This blue-green gem will also be listed under the blue stones.
$552.00 (Stock # TOTR-0368)
greentourmaline0292 Tourmaline, Nigeria, 2.92 ct, oval, 6.8x11.5 mm, EC, olivey-green.
$40.00/ct or $116.80 (Stock #TOGO-0292)
greentourmaline0211 Tourmaline, African?, teardrop cut, 6.9x11.7 mm, EC, medium-dark green.
$50/ct or $105.50 (Stock #TOGT-0211)
greentourmaline0251 Tourmaline, dark green, 2.51ct., scissors, EC, 6x10.2mm, unknown locality
Dark green tourmaline, with a slight bluish cast.
$80.00 (Stock #TOGS-0251)
greentourmaline0275 Tourmaline, dark green, 2.75ct., scissors, EC, 6x10.3mm, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Dark green, but not so dark that there is no brilliance. Still shows good flash in normal indoor lighting conditions. Has a slight yellowish tinge to the green.
$90.00 (Stock #TOGS-0275)
greentourmaline0236 Tourmaline, medium dark green, 2.85ct., scissors, EC, 5x13.8mm, unknown locality.
Here is a great color medium dark green tourmaline with a slight bluish cast. Not too dark.
$140.00 (Stock #TOGS-0285)
chrometourmaline0050 Chrome Tourmaline, green, 0.50ct., rocker, EC, E. Africa.
$50.00 (Stock #TOGR-0050)
chrometourmaline0127 Chrome Tourmaline dark green, 1.27ct., rocker, EC, 4x13mm, Brazil.
$60.00 (Stock #TOGR-0127)
chrometourmaline0179 Chrome Tourmaline, 1.79 ct, superhero shield, EC.
A true chrome green tourmaline from E. Africa, the only source for these. This one is very clean and has no unpleasant yellowish or brownish tone. Looks like a fine tsavorite garnet.
$447.50 (Stock #TOGS-0179)
tourmalinepic For more tourmaline colors, see my Tourmaline Primary Page
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