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Tourmaline, Africa (probably Mozambique). 2.88 ct scissor cut, measures 6.0x12.2 mm. Nice medium pink shade, VSI.
$288.00 (Stock # TOSP-0288)
Tourmaline, Himalaya Mine, Mesa Grande, California.
Nice pink color which this famous American locality is famous for. This stone is a fine 2.49 ct clean stone, EC. and measures 6.8 x 8.5 cts. The pulsar cut adds a great deal of brilliance to this rectangular stone (will fit in an emerald cut mounting).
$498.00. (Stock # TOPP-0249)
Tourmaline, Himalaya Mine, Mesa Grande, California 7.21 ct fancy hexagon cut, 14 x 12 mm. California mines are famous for producing the most pure pinks in the world. This a fairly large gem that would make a great pendant or large ring in an uncommon shape. Has the inclusions typical of most of the gems from here, but faces up nicely in normal room light.
$432.60 (Stock TOPH-0721)
Tourmaline, 4.69 ct scissors cut, mauve-pink, 5.5x10 mm, VSI. Mozambique.
$328.30 (Stock #TOPS-0469)
Tourmaline, nice color pink, like rhodolite garnet. 1.03 ct square cushion cut, 6.4 mm, VVSI, locality unknown.
$103.00 (Stock #TOPC-0103)
Tourmaline, Stewart Lithia Mine, Pala, CA. 2.61 ct trillion or triad, 8.7mm, I to SI. Stewart pink tourmaline is well known in the gem business to have the best, pure, "bubble-gum pink" color of any tourmaline in the world. The mine has not operated actively for a while now. Any material from here is hard to come by. As with most Stewart material, this one has some light flaws. Because eye-clean material is so very scarce, it is commonly accepted in the gem trade to allow some inclusion in the stone, which do tend to hide fairly well anyway. These stones are from an American source and are cut in the USA.
$261.00 (Stock #TOPT-0261)
Tourmaline, Stewart Lithia Mine, Pala, CA. 2.03 ct round, 8 mm. Has some inclusions, see stone above for further description of material.
$203.00 (Stock #TOPR-0203)
Tourmaline, Stewart Lithia Mine, Pala, CA. 10.09 ct Portuguese oval, cut in USA. 11.8 x 14.4 mm. Yes, it has inclusions, see 2.61 ct stone above for description and explanation. Has a very slight nick in the girdle area on the end, should cover with a designed prong or bezel. Fantastic color! Huge for this locality in a cut gem!
$999.00 (Stock # TOPO-1009)
Tourmaline, 4.14 ct. pulsar, Nigeria, unusual pinkish-orange, like a malaya, EC, Nigeria. 7.2 x 12.6 mm.
$414.00 (Stock # TOOP0414)
Tourmaline, light pink, 1.24ct., opposed bar cut, EC, 3.5x12mm, Brazil.
Slight cinnamon tinge to the pink.
$49.60 (Stock #TOPB-0124)
Tourmaline, light pink, 1.43ct., opposed bar cut, EC, 4.5x13mm, Brazil.
Slight cinnamon tinge to the pink color.
$57.20 (Stock #TOPB-0143)
Tourmaline, medium pink, 7.25ct., mixed emerald, VSI, 8.3x13.0mm, Probably Nigeria. Nice pinkish tourmaline, showing some color zoning and gradient, characteristic of Nigerian material. Cut with an emerald cut pavilion and a scissor crown. We didn't cut this one, but the cutting is decently good, shows a slight window.
$725.00 (Stock #TOPE-0725)
Tourmaline, cranberry pink, 2.00ct., hexagon, VSI, 6.7x9.0mm, unknown locality. Strong cranberry color, a designer piece for that special jewelry.
$200.00 (Stock #TOPH-0200)
Tourmaline, dark pink-red, 5.60ct., fancy hexagon, VSI, 11.1x12.8x7.0mm, Zambia.
Very slightly brownish pink in some lights, but brilliant.
$952.00 (Stock #TOPH-0560)
Tourmaline, magenta pink, 1.16ct., oval, EC, Nigeria.
Pretty color.
$116.00 (Stock #TOPO-0116)
Tourmaline, pink, 1.35ct., oval, EC, 6.3x7.5mm, unknown locality.
Interesting color tone.
$54.00 (Stock #TOPO-0135)
Tourmaline, baby pink, 1.92ct., oval, EC, 8x10mm, unknown locality. Attractive lighter pink stone, clean with good brilliance. Cut in Sri Lanka on American equipment.
$192.00 (Stock #TOPO-0192)
Tourmaline, pink, 2.53ct., Portuguese mixed oval, EC, 8.8 x 11mm, unknown locality.
Nice brilliance due to the Portuguese style pavilion. A very nice stone for ring or pendant.
$253.00 (Stock #TOPO-0253)
  Tourmaline, light pink, 2.54ct., octabril, VSI, 8mm, Mozambique.
Light bubble-gum pink. Slight inclusions.
$114.30 (Stock #TOPO-0254)
Tourmaline, hot magenta bougainvillea pink, 3.81ct., oval, SI to INCL, 8.9x11.9mm, Mozambique.
Rare magenta hot pink. Almost all hot pinks are included to some degree like emerald. This one is no exception, but faces up nicely, the inclusions are not bothersome. Material this color is really hard to get.
$571.50 (Stock #TOPO-0381)
Tourmaline, medium pink, 1.39ct., pear, EC, 6.5x9mm, Zambia.
Shows a little purplish tinge to the pink.
$69.50 (Stock #TOPP-0139)
Tourmaline, salmon pink, 1.39ct., round, VSI, ~7mm, Brazil?.
This stone shows both reddish tones and orangish tones. Excellent brilliance. Cut in Sri Lanka.
$55.60(Stock #TOPR-0139)
Tourmaline, hot magenta bougainvillea pink, 1.50ct., round, EC, 7.5mm, Mozambique.
Rare hot magenta pink tourmaline in eyeclean quality! Really hard to find! If you like hot pink you'll be thrilled with this stone.
$225.00(Stock #TOPR-0150)
Tourmaline, orangish-pink, 1.97ct., round, EC, 8mm, Probably Nigeria. Good brilliance.
$80.00 (Stock #TOPR-0197)
Tourmaline, medium pink, 2.46ct., scissors, VSI, 6.1x8.9mm, Nigeria.
Attractive pink, darker on one end than the other. Slight window.
$98.40(Stock #TOPS-0246)
Tourmaline, pink, 1.36ct., teardrop, VSI, 5.8x9.6mm, locality not specified.
$136.00 (Stock #TOPT-0136)
Tourmaline, cranberry pink, 2.99ct., triangle, VSI, ~10mm, Nigeria.
Nice deep pink color. The last of my current stash of Nigerian tourmaline.
$149.50(Stock #TOPT-0299)
Tourmaline, magenta hot bougainvillea pink, 3.20ct., teardrop, INCL, 7.5x14.7mm, Mozambique. Rare hot magenta pink color! This one is about average in clarity as almost all material this color has light inclusions like emerald. Would make a great pendant.
$480.00 (Stock #TOPT-0320)
  Tourmaline, light pink, 1.50ct., oval, EC, 6.2x8mm, unknown locality. Pink stone with a bit of a window.
$45.00 (Stock #TOPO-0150)
Tourmaline, rose pink, 2.27ct., long teardrop, EC, 6.3x12.1mm, Nigeria. Beautiful rose-pink long teardrop. Would make a great pendant.
$227.00 (Stock #TORT-0227)
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