Buena Vista Gem Works - Nebraska and S.Dakota Fairburn Agates and Other Agates for Sale

Agates for Sale and Different Types of Agates

fairburn agate

Fairburn Agates.

This includes sub-variety agates from Tepee Canyon, Custer State Park, and "Hills" type agates. From the Black Hills of South Dakota, and the badlands areas of South Dakota, Nebraska, Wyoming, and Colorado.

laker agate

Lake Superior Agates (Lake Agates are listed on my "Other Agates For Sale Page" as supply is low.)

Lakers are mostly from the upper Midwest states: Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Missouri, Nebraska, and Kansas. Brought down from the Lake Superior region by the glaciers and now collected in gravel pits, stream beds, and plowed fields. Known for beautiful banding and colors. A few exhibit great "eyes".

queens agate

Australia Queensland Agates

Banded agates from Queensland, Australia. There are two general types, the rosella and the parrot. The rosella is most often cherry red on bluish-gray bandings, but can be other colors including white, pastel pink, and so on. The parrot type is often greenish colors and golds, but again can vary some. Since banded green agates are rare, it is highly sought after. There are several commercial mines there, but surface picking has gotten slim.

mexican agate

Mexican Agate

Laguna, Coyamito, Moctezuma, crazy lace.
(We do not currently have any Mexican agates in stock)

dryhead agate

Dryhead Agates from Montana (Dryhead Agates are listed on my "Other Agates For Sale Page" as supply is low.)

From Dryhead area, Bighorn Canyon, Montana. Typically these have bright orangish banding colors, and some of the best ones also have white and pink bands. Matrix color is often charcoal, light gray, whitish, orangish, or greenish. They may very well be geologically related to the Fairburn and Tepee Canyon agates in the Black Hills. These are no longer being actively mined. It is my understanding the claims have lapsed and the area is now part of a wild horse refuge, so it is unlikely any more will be coming out in the foreseeable future.