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Photos of Agates and Fairburns from Nebraska and South Dakota
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Very pretty and colorful reservation agate.
An unusual Nebraska agate in that the pattern area sticks out in 3D beyond the matrix. Since the nodule is waterworn, it shows the matrix area is softer than the harder banded agate. Roughly 3" x 2-3/8".
A real nice Custer State Park agate. Roughly 2-1/4 x 1-3/4".
This is the one I bought from a worker at the Oral gravel pit in South Dakota; a classic full-faced pattern. This is the polished side. I would have kept this one all natural except I had to remove a very jagged and unsightly broken end. Over 2-1/4 x 1-1/2".
This is the natural side of the above agate.
An interesting white and pink one with brown matrix. From Pine Ridge IR. About 1-1/2" +.
Another nice small one from either Kern or Pine Ridge IR.
And still another. This one with "floating bands".
Very fine orange Fairburn from So. Dakota, fully polished piece. ~1-3/4".
Another great orange one from Nebraska, faced off. ~1-3/4".
Agate with very fine delicate banding and quartz center. Colors in the husk indicate either a Kern agate or a reservation agate. ~2-1/4" long.
Another great agate from Pine Ridge IR.
Spectacular pinks from the reservation.
A really nice pattern in beige and deep red. Notice the "eye". Locality probably Chadron, Nebraska. About 2".
Here's a pretty nice Oelrichs, SD agate. Almost 2".
A really great Chadron, NE agate. ~2-1/4".
A red Lame Johnny Creek, SD, agate. ~2".
A great Nebraska agate with all red banding. ~1-1/2".
No matrix on this one. Wayne believes this one is from Chadron, Nebraska. ~2-1/4".
Another nice Lame Johnny agate.
Large agate with a lot of quartz and not a whole lot of banding. Found near Glendo, WY in the early 90's by jade hunter John Barnes, since deceased. 3-3/8" in length max.
Some super color in this small polished nodule from the Kern beds. ~2".
A really pretty small Nebraska agate. ~1-1/2".
Another great little Kern agate. ~1-3/4".
A great black, orange, and white agate from Pine Ridge IR, and found by a 6 year old Lakota girl. Purchased at the Crawford Rock Swap, I believe it was 2001. 1-5/8" long.
Another agate from Pine Ridge IR.
This one had me fooled for years. I traded for it in a collection, and thought it was a Tepee Canyon agate because of the colors. But I got to studying it closer recently, and it made me suspicious that it was instead a Fairburn. It has been indeed verified by Wayne Shortridge as a Fairburn, and probably came from the Cheyenne River. 2-3/4" long.
Another nice agate, likely from Oral, SD.
Here's a cool one from Shoemaker Canyon, known for it's black and red colors. ~1-3/4".
An outstanding "Tepee Tuffey" agate that I traded for years ago. I was told that these occur in a different geological layer than the much more common Tepee Canyon agate nodules. But I'm guessing now it may just be a Hills agate locality nearby. Research has shown all the agates occur in the Minnelusa Formation. ~2-1/2".
Some of the magnificent pink, orange, and coral banding that Kern is noted for. Over 1-1/2".
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