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Mt. Antero Colorado Aquamarine: Map of Mt. Antero Colorado
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Mt. Antero taken from the east with a telephoto lens.
The main peak from the west side.
Looking SW from the top of the peak toward the saddle knob. See if you can spot the hiking trail.
A nice double crystal I found in 1978 near a large pocket found by Chuck Barnes.
On a collecting trip to the California Mine, Mt. Antero area. Looking roughly south.
This is as high as you can drive. Main peak in background.
Robert Drisgill prospecting the south end of the saddle knob.
Looking back down toward the famous "Snowpatch" collecting area . View is to the west.
Aquamarine beryl in smoky quartz, Carbonate Ridge, Mt. Antero. Spomer collection.
Phenacites on smoky quartz xl with chlorite, approx. 2" long. Spomer collection.
Top notch phenacites in the Geo. Robertson/Dave Bunk collection.
Some great aquamarines in the Geo. Robertson/Dave Bunk collection.
More great Mt. Antero aquas from the Geo. Robertson/Dave Bunk collection.
A small but very nice double gem crystal from Mt. White.
Another small but nice aqua with phenacite xls attached to the termination. Collected by Bill Hutchinson near the snowpatch.
Jackstraw beryl crystal cluster from Carbonate Ridge. These occured in the same pit that the rare morganite beryl was found. Most of the xls from the pit were goshenite (colorless or white)
A beautiful sharp mulitple growth cluster of deep violet fluorite from the snowpatch. Found by Jim Grika.
Octahedral fluorite xls on matrix from "Quartz Corner" below the main peak. Found by Bryan DeVore.
A matrix piece found by Jim Grika at the snowpatch, containing beryl, quartz, phenacite, and fluorite.
Another piece found by Jim Grika there. Has nice deep blue aquamarine on smoky quartz, with a cavity containing bertrandite xls.

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