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Rhodochrosite: Photos of Rhodochrosite from Colorado and Around the World
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Rhodo Photos

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A superb dogtooth rhodochrosite specimen from N'Chwanning, S. Africa
A dump collected specimen of pyrite and rhodo from the John Reed Mine, near Climax, CO. Found by Frank Knaus. Spomer collection.
Typical super rhodochrosite rhomb on matrix, Sweethome Mine, Alma, CO
Another great plate of rhodo on quartz from Sweethome.
A nice plate for sale by Bryan Lees at a recent show. Digital photo.
Another group for sale by Bryan. Digital photo.
One of the finest plates found by Bryan Lees at the Sweethome Mine. Named the "Alma King".
A close-up of the major rhodo rhombs on the King.
The other of the two finest plates, named the "Rose of Alma", found in the same pocket as the King.
A side view of the "Rose of Alma".
The original "Star of Alma" faceted gem cut by Robert Spomer around 1992 and displayed at the Denver Museum of Science and Nature. This stone was later recut to less than 30 carats to get a more flawless gem, then acquired by a private collector after the museum acquired a larger stone. We apologize for the quality of the larger image not being as good as we'd like, but it was the only picture we could find. 
Drusy rhodochrosite from Mexico. Not gemmy, but very sparkly and attractive. On a limonite matrix.
Cluster of bladed rhodochrosite from Urchuchaqui, Peru, with quartz.

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