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Specializing in Colorado Gemstones -- Mt. Antero Aquamarine, Peridot, Rhodocrosite, Topaz
Also... * Red Tourmaline (Rubellite) * Green Tourmaline * Blue Tourmaline (Indicolite) * Beryl *
* Sapphires * Montana Sapphires * Garnets * Rhodolite Garnet * Spessartite Garnet *
* Rose Quartz * Fairburn Agates * Ocean Jasper * Columbine Blue Agate *

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In business for 40 years now, Buena Vista Gem Works brings you interesting information about gemstones, mineral collecting, agates, and beautiful crystals. Buena Vista Gem Works specializes in bringing you fine quality cut stones, custom faceting, and jewelry, but we also love minerals.
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Columbine Blue Agate
Other Stones such as
Ocean Jasper
Fairburn Agates

gemstone link picture Gemstones for Sale. A variety of gemstones ̶ most cut by us. Colorado and other rare stones. Same price to the buying public as to wholesale dealers. Save money, buy direct from the cutter!
jewerly link picture Jewelry For Sale. A variety of fine jewelry is available from Buena Vista Gem Works. Available are gemstone jewelry using our own gemstones, handcrafted wire-wrap pendants, gold mountings for your or our gemstones, and discounted "gold and silver jewelry store type" pieces available for order.
agate link picture Agates for Sale
Fairburn, Columbine Blue, and other agates. Some of the agates for sale are from my own collection and other agates have been hand selected especially to resell on our website.
mineral link picture Minerals For Sale. Currently we have a claim in the Crystal Peak area and are mining amazonite, smoky quartz and fluorite. Also available are Columbine Blue Agate and other Colorado minerals.
whatsnew link picture What's New. Shows off new additions to our gemstone, jewelry, and mineral lines. Some of these gems are fresh off the dop and you will see them here first ̶ before they are added to the new stone list. Some of these will be so unusual, rare, and hot, we don't even expect them to make it to the price list.
gallery link picture The Gallery. Our photo gallery of pictures of crystals, agates, minerals, and gemstones, as well as pictures of collecting and mining sites.
ocean jasper link picture Ode to Ocean Jasper. Gallery of fine ocean jasper pieces. This is exciting material that comes from a tiny island off the coast of Madagascar.
fairburn agate link picture Fairburn Agate.The South Dakota state gemstone, and one of the most beautiful and interesting of all agates.
antero link picture Mt. Antero, Colorado. World famous locale for aquamarine, phenacite, fluorite, and smoky quartz, crystals.
crystal peak link picture Pikes Peak Region, Colorado. World famous locality for beautiful blue-green feldspar (amazonite), smoky quartz, fluorite, and topaz.
rhodo link picture Rhodochrosite. Some collectors feel this is the world's most attractive mineral. And Colorado is home to many of the best specimens.
tourmaline link picture Tourmaline. My favorite gem! Comes in more color shades than any other and often forms gorgeous and interesting crystals! Several types including indicolite, verdelite and rubellite from rare and sought-after locales.
bluegate link picture Colorado Columbine Blue Agate.. Colorado is not without its unique and colorful agates. One such agate is noted for it’s wonderful neon purplish-blue color.
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