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Colorado Columbine Blue Agate Mineral Specimens for Sale

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Columbine agate is very rare and is found in a very small area in the old extinct volcanic regions of the Colorado mountains. So named because of the resemblance in color to the state flower, the blue columbine. A Buena Vista Gem Works web exclusive!!

This agate, like many agates and gems, varies some in color tone depending on the light source, from stronger brighter blue to a more grayish-purple blue. Very similar in color to and undoubtedly equally as rare as the world-famous Ellensburg (WA) blue.

After years of self-collecting this rare exclusive Columbine Blue Agate, I am just starting to offer cabs and rough specimens for sale. Soon I will be working on taking pictures and getting them posted up on this webpage as well as on eBay (eBay name:respomer). In the meantime, if you are interested in purchasing a rough specimen or a polished cabochon, give me a call or send me an email or text so that we can discuss what I have in stock and available for sale.

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